Consulting Services

Recruitment Support and Consulting

Levison Search Associates offers a full complement of services to assist your business development, strategic planning, human resources, and provider recruitment departments where third party research and reporting are indicated.

  1. Specialty Market Trends and Analysis
    We provide research and reports by medical specialty regarding market trends, changes in provider supply and demand, physician-to-population ratios, gross productivity data, net collections, and competitive compensation markers.
  2. Competitive Analytics and Local/Regional/National Market Research
    Levison Search Associates conducts research via telephone interviews, broadcast e-mailing, and direct mail marketing to measure interest in an organization’s service lines, facilities, and job opportunities for the purpose of increasing business, expansion, mergers, or acquisitions.
  3. Compensation and Recruitment Incentive Recommendations
    As compensation experts, we provide current and retroactive compensation by provider specialty or discipline, adjusted by region, experience level, organization type, productivity, and net collections.
  4. Candidate Due Diligence and Reference Checks
    This service is for organizations with urgent/sensitive circumstances where there is need for a third party to interview 3-5 references, verify licenses, and conduct academic and background verifications.
  5. Telephone and In-person Prequalification Candidate Interviewing
    We assist organizations that are understaffed or there is a need for another opinion by conducting third party candidate interviews and assessments.
  6. Train and Develop Provider Recruitment Department Staff
    Levison Search will build the capabilities of your provider recruitment department by developing skills, policies, procedures, and internal forms to achieve recruitment goals.
  7. Establish In-house Provider Recruitment Department
    Our consulting team will develop a turnkey recruitment department to provide your organization with a head start on achieving provider staffing goals.
  8. Staff In-house Provider Recruitment Department
    Our recruitment team will provide part-time or full-time professional recruiters for the period of time you need assistance.

If you are interested in additional information regarding recruitment support and consulting, please contact us.

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